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Handwriting and Writing: Know the difference and what to do about it! has been designed to identify and explain the difference between handwriting difficulties and the writing process. We provide you with an in-depth overview of the skills required for handwriting and the challenges associated with the writing process. This session is the theoretical prerequisite to understanding what recommendations to look for, what challenges they address and why they will work. This is the first of a 3 part series, part 2 and 3 draw on the content from this workshop to provide solutions for those with written output difficulties.

Workshop Objectives include:

  • Develop an understanding of and to know the difference between handwriting (letter formation) and writing a text.
  • To use the correct terminology when describing and advocating for your child’s challenges.
  • To understand the physical and executive functioning challenges associated with handwriting expectations and text construction,
  • To understand how handwriting challenges and executive functioning often go hand in hand and how these will ‘look’ in the classroom
  • To understand why alternatives to handwriting need to be considered.

Registered participants will receive:

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  • A copy of the presentation slides
  • Supporting handouts and resources
  • TQI Accreditation 4 Hours
  • Opportunity to provide feedback via Survey (required for TQI)

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Cost: $80

What are people saying about this workshop?

“I believe the webinar met the objective very well as I was able to identify from the first 10 minutes the differences between handwriting and writing. I previously was one of those people who would place handwriting and writing in the same category, however, now I know that they are both closely related with each other but function entirely differently.”

“The difference between handwriting and writing was well identified and broken down into easy to understand segments.”

“I have children in my class who struggle with both handwriting and the executive functioning of writing in my classroom. The behaviours outlined in the webinar look a great deal like the behaviours I see from some of my students when it comes to writing.”

“The content has been fascinating, and very well communicated, it is clear both presenters are very knowledgeable and the presentation is very professional.”