“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”
–Kid President

Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do it and Why

We are a small team that dream and think BIG. We see strengths. We see capacity. We see opportunities. We want to help.

We are a team made up of an inclusion consultant, social skills mentor and assistive technology consultant that have the experience, specialist skill sets, passion and commitment to support you and your child to develop and demonstrate skills, abilities and knowledge to reach developmental milestones in their home and community.

We understand your vision for your child to be included and a valued, contributing member of their local community.

  • We advocate in partnership with you for your child’s inclusion.
  • We collaborate to identify the barriers that are limiting your child’s experiences, participation and engagement in their communities.
  • We develop and implement customised, family centred capacity building opportunities that reflect your expertise, vision and goals.
  • We coach your child to develop the identified skills they need to maximise the experience of success and achieve their goals.
  • We reflect, review and refer with other professionals, to provide collaborative functional, developmental programs that will suit your child’s needs, interests and abilities.

We value inclusion, we value individuals and we recognise the contribution that each child can make when supported to develop the skills, the knowledge, the experience to participate and engage in all opportunities that are presented and that they seek out.

We recognise that many typical programs, community settings, approaches, pathways, options and models do not naturally or intuitively meet the needs of children and young people with additional needs

We understand that it can take more than an open mind and willingness to include children and young people in many neuro-typical programs and settings. We work with you, your child, your therapeutic and community supports team to build confidence, build understanding, build capacity towards inclusive practice and experiences of success for all.

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