“We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”
-Bill Gates


“Sam works so beautifully with our son. She is patient and understanding, she explains words and concepts in a way that he understands, and she is able to balance being kind and firm with him, and which he needs.

Sam has provided excellent advice and advocacy support when I’ve been preparing for SCAN meetings, ILPs and NDIS reviews. Having Sam ‘on my team’ has been a huge comfort when preparing for these meetings which, at times, are emotionally overwhelming.

Sam gives professional, considered and practical advice.

Sam’s communication is the best I’ve encountered with a therapist. She is always available, and is both responsive and incredibly proactive and organised.

I really value the session summaries as it gives me an insight into what activities are being worked on and how they link to the overall goals. Her reports are the most comprehensive reporting I have received from a therapist in 4 years with NDIS.”

“We couldn't be happier with the quality of insight, guidance and support provided by SPSIS.

With them, we are confident our child will have the best opportunity for success.”

“A wonderfully inclusive service that has helped my son learn to read and develop skills and confidence beyond our expectations.

Ken has spent time getting to know my son and is able to reach him without him even knowing he is learning!

Sessions are planned around my child's interests, which has included researching the titanic and other great ships to building super cars on the web.

We will forever be grateful to Ken and Sam for their persistence, time and support.”

“Our child needs Sam like flowers need the sunshine and rain. Under Sam's support our child blossoms.”

“Sam's support is excellent. I can't fault it.

Sam is amazing at advocating for appropriate support adjustments for my son.

Communication is the most timely I've ever experienced!!!!

All NDIS reports have been incredibly comprehensive and provided in a very timely manner. Thank you!

I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all you do!”

“For years I had been struggling to find the right help for my daughter who has some learning challenges brought on by early childhood trauma. I had been paying for various tutors, speech pathologists, psychologists etc with varying degrees of success. It got to the point that I was just feeling so overwhelmed with the situation and just lost in terms of seeking the right help for my daughter to overcome her challenges.

I expressed these feelings to my daughter's speech pathologist who immediately recommended Sam to me. I phoned Sam that day and it was the best decision I ever made. Sam listened and empathised and after our conversation I finally felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sam now sees my daughter fortnightly and helps her with maths, her executive functioning and working memory. Sam also helps me navigate the education system in order for me to get the best help available for my daughter.

We have been seeing Sam for almost a year now and the massive improvement in my daughter's confidence and ability has been astounding. My daughter looks forward to her fortnightly appointments with Sam and I am incredibly grateful for the assistance I get in navigating this journey.

I have recommended Sam and Specialist Inclusion to another school mum who, after her first consultation said the same as me, she finally felt like she had found the missing piece of the puzzle.

I couldn't recommend Sam and her team more!”

“We have been very happy with the support that has been provided to our son. He looks forward to his sessions and is excited to have Mel visit. By having the sessions in the school environment Mel has been able to see the negative behaviours and provide gentle correction in context, this has meant that our son has been able to understand the consequences of his actions and how they may impact others. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others.”

“We contacted SP Specialist Inclusion Services at the beginning of 2021, seeking help for our daughter, who had immense difficulty engaging with school. Sam is a caring and genuine person, who is professional at all times. My daughter, who often refuses supports offered to her, looks forward to and actively engages in sessions with Sam as she was able to establish a positive connection with my daughter, and over the last four months, my daughter has grown in confidence, enabling her reintegration into the school environment, after three years of ‘school cant’.

Sam has also worked with her teachers, advocating for my daughter’s needs and making recommendations for reasonable adjustments within the school environment, so that my daughter has the greatest opportunity to succeed in her final years of school.

Sam communicates regularly with us and the school, providing meaningful feedback after sessions with our daughter, which we and the school are grateful for. This feedback helps us maintain consistent support, and allows us to address issues and concerns as they arise, between sessions. Thank you Sam, you are wonderful!”

“We have had a really positive experience with Sam and her team. They are extremely professional and friendly and we have always felt comfortable sharing information with them.

We feel more at ease knowing that someone else other than ourselves are advocating for our daughter at her school and are making sure she is receiving the help that is needed to be able to have a positive experience at high school.”

“I contacted Sam after being advised that she was someone who could assist with helping me assess the needs of my son in terms of what solutions and therapies would be best in meeting his NDIS goals and the needs of his diagnoses.

Rapport was easy and immediate with Sam. I felt she clearly understood my needs from her and my goals for my son from the outset and we formulated a plan to work on those how to get what we need. Sam has supported me in providing mainly advocacy services and support to move forward with inclusion plans. She is experienced in the school environment, so was fantastic in assessing my son in his school setting to see where gaps might be for him with regards to his ongoing engagement and inclusion.

Sam has also provided support by reviewing his ILP and providing constructive, helpful, learned and professional advice in this area to overcome current challenges. She attended interviews at the school with me and was only ever a phone call away. I have found Sam’s services invaluable to me as a mum, trying to navigate the school and NDIS environments with a son with needs and she has helped me stay on track and buoyed by her supportive services. She is by far the best resource I have in my armoury.”

“We started with SP Specialist Inclusion Services in October of 2017. We have an 8 year old son with learning disabilities such as Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia, as well as Anxiety and Sensory Processing difficulties and just recently diagnosed with Autism. Sam has worked wonders with him and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful team for our son. Sam has built a lovely rapport and an amazing working relationship with both him and us as parents. He loves working with Sam and is genuinely delighted to have his sessions with her.

​From a parents' perspective, Sam plans and prioritizes with us regularly about what areas need to be worked on and where to next. Sam’s summaries of the session are punctual and with a high level of detail on how the session went. Sam's genuine personality, and her professional nature means she is a terrific advocate for our son in the school environment and he has made great progress since working with Sam. We are truly grateful for her services.”

“In our initial consultation with Sam, we provided her with our daughter's testing results and specialist reports. We also gave Sam a copy of the information provided to us by the Sydney Specialist Unit including a comprehensive booklet that contained information on the disability, website links and contact details for support groups. Sam took the time to read all the information provided As a result, Sam is extremely knowledgeable about our daughter’s neurodevelopmental impairments and how they affect her on a daily basis.

Thanks to Sam’s support our daughter has increased her confidence in the classroom, she enjoys attending school and looks forward to working with Sam each week.

Sam provides prompt written feedback following her sessions with our daughter. The feedback always outlines what activities were undertaken, and progress achieved. She also lets us know about any issues or problems that may have taken place and recommendations for modifications to the next session. The feedback is also linked to our NDIS goals.

In addition to providing capacity-building support to our daughter and her teacher, Sam has worked closely with us to develop a program that we can use at home to support our current skill focus. Sam has loaned us, where needed, her personal resources so that we don’t have to purchase them ourselves. This has allowed us to support our daughter at home to a much higher level than we would otherwise have been able to.

The advocacy, advice, and support Sam has provided us during our daughter's Personal Plan (PP) meetings has been invaluable.

Sam always makes herself available to answer any questions or concerns that we might have. She replies to our messages quickly and always offers kind and considered advice. We are extremely grateful for all the support and advice Sam has given us over the past two years.

Sam makes me feel happy. She helps me and plays games with me. Sam is always happy when she visits me at school”

“Sam understands nuances of school life. Sam has incredibly high emotional intelligence and is superb at managing relationships with teaching staff.

She is also amazingly intelligent, perceptive and observant. Sam also understands the delicate balance and tight rope which families tread and manages to be warm, understanding and extremely effective. Sam has had, and continues to have, a profoundly positive impact on our child.

In short, we all completely adore and respect her. She is extraordinary. We also think Melissa is easily the best admin person we've ever dealt with. Professional, competent and lovely. SP Specialist Inclusion Services is the best organization we have ever dealt with in our child's life. Thank you!!”

“Sam has been working with our 11-year-old son who has an Intellectual Disability, ADHD and Anxiety for the last few months, during this time we have watched our son move from very limited sound and word recognition to now beginning to read and understand simple sounds and word formations as well as an increased confidence and willingness to give things a go.

We have found Sam to be kind thoughtful and extremely patient with our son and is always so supportive of the little achievements.

Flexibility is very important to us with other children who all have after school commitments, Sam has always managed to juggle her own schedule to work in with our busy lives to ensure that regular support is offered. Sam has been a godsend to our family. Thanks Sam you are amazing!”

“Sam has been working with our daughter for over a year and has been constantly giving useful recommendations to our family and her teachers on how to work with her.

Our daughter has since shown significant improvement at completing tasks with an increased attention span and is more willing to follow instructions to complete a task.

Sam is firm but flexible in her approach with our daughter, to help her relish her full potential. Our family look forward to continuously working with Sam to assist in our daughter’s development.”

"Sam has been instrumental in our son's reading and comprehension. This has immensely helped manage his anxiety at school and home. Her professional and empathetic style has been the ideal fit for gaining both our son's trust and willingness to engage.

Sam uses her vast experience as a teacher in developing a transdisciplinary syllabus that is tailored to our individual needs. We would highly recommend Sam.”