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Solutions for Kids with Written Output & Executive Function Difficulties, will be the conclusion to our series, where Sam and Penny cover, in-depth the strategies and solutions to help children with written output difficulties and executive function. This workshop is designed for parents, therapists, teachers, support workers and tutors as an opportunity to increase awareness of suitable alternatives to handwriting requirements, reasonable adjustments for children with written output difficulties as well as strategies and resources to support visual perception, fine motor and executive function development. This is the final of the 3 part series, part 1 and 2 inform the core content for this workshop.

Workshop Objectives include:

  • Understand the impact regulation will have on the effectiveness of intervention.
  • Strategies to promote self regulation and impulse control.
  • Strategies to support executive functioning in activities of daily living.
  • Strategies to improve handwriting skills.
    Assistive technology options for when low tech options are not enough.
  • Strategies to support language development and application to text construction.
  • Strategies to support increased attention and engagement.

Registered participants will receive:

  • 4 weeks of access to pre-recorded workshop from date of  registration and payment via Participant Login.
  • A copy of the presentation slides
  • Supporting handouts and resources
  • TQI Accreditation 4 Hours
  • Opportunity to provide feedback via Survey (required for TQI)

Pre Recorded Workshop is available for 4 weeks from registration and payment via Participant Login.

Cost: $80

What are people saying about this workshop?

“This webinar was PACKED with information. Great to get some theory and some practical tips on how to move forward with children with attention difficulties.”

“Hearing from an OT was very useful as they are experts in their field. I never understood the value of a slope board – the student I work with wants to get rid of it so he is like the other students but I need to insist with the teacher that he uses it. Thank you.”

“I think that this webinar represents the most EXCELLENT value for $80. The handouts I suspect will be comprehensive and the professionalism and depth of knowledge of the presenters is fantastic. When I compare this to some other PL Webinars I’ve been able to do in my job in the last 12 months this one is far and away the most impressive – I learnt new things, it was fast paced and packed with information and I suspect the handouts that will come now that I have completed this course will also be excellent. Thanks so much. As a school leader this has been a great use of my after hours time and I will be implementing some of these strategies within my Learning Support department as soon as tomorrow afternoon at my staff meeting. Thank you!”

“Thanks for this webinar – it was excellent.  I watched it this evening from the comfort of my home.  I was very impressed with the content and the professionalism in the presenters and the quality of the information discussed.  Thanks for the handouts.  I am sure they will be super useful. I’ll be on the look out for any further PL that you offer in the future.”

“The handouts to support and supplement content are very detailed and informative. The info re: App’s is most helpful and can be applied in our setting.”