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Task Initiation – helping learners to get started and to keep going, has been designed to help teachers understand executive function, specifically focusing on task initiation. Participants will learn of the implications for learning that are associated with task initiation difficulties and what this means for a student’s ability to learn and engage with the curriculum. Participants will learn about adjustments that are considered best practice for including children with language and executive functioning difficulties.
Participants will learn practical strategies that can be implemented to support learners to sustain attention and develop self management of their learning from primary through to high school. Strategies discussed will benefit all learners, but also include targeted strategies that can be used for individuals requiring further adjustments to access, engage and participate in learning with their peers.

Workshop Objectives include:

  • What is Executive Function and how does it influence our daily function?
  • Understand Task Initiation and the associated Implications for Learning.
  • Learn what strategies can be used to support Task Initiation, including Systemic, Whole Class, Specific Tasks and Individual Adjustments.

Registered participants will receive:

  • 4 weeks of access to pre-recorded workshop from date of registration and payment via Participant Login.
  • A copy of the presentation slides
  • Supporting handouts including a customised note taking scaffold.
  • TQI Accreditation 5 Hours (4 hours viewing, 30 mins reading materials, 15 mins survey, 15 mins TQI evaluation)
  • Opportunity to provide feedback via Survey (required for TQI)

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Pre Recorded Workshop is available for 4 weeks from registration and payment via Participant Login.
Cost: $120